KC Robotics EZ-Load: a straightforward solution to a complex problem

Are you having trouble finding qualified skilled labor for your CNC operation? You’re not alone. A report by Gallup in June 2018 found that 45% of employers reported an inability to find the workers they need to run their operations, and the problem is global.

If your operation is low volume and high mix, much of your production time is lost stopping and swapping out the components. Imagine if your employees could tend multiple machines simultaneously, increase production and profit and improve your safety and quality control measures, while providing opportunities for employee skills training and advancement? The KC Robotics EZ-Load line of pre-engineered machine tending robotics systems are designed for small and medium manufacturers looking to gain productivity to their operation .

Key Benefits

  • Simple: We designed our EZ-Load Systems to provide a straightforward, affordable solution with flexible options to meet any CNC machine operation. Step by step setup and an easy to understand interface means you can start manufacturing parts right away after installation.
  • Compact: With an overall height of just 115” (2.9 metres) and maximum floor space of 70”x115” (1.8 metres x 2.9 metres), in most cases the EZ-Load System can be installed without the need for costly and time-consuming renovations.
  • Flexible: We work with you from concept to completion, with detailed communication and guidance from our engineers and project managers. Whether you are looking at a single machine or a full production line, we can several pre-engineered systems or create a custom solution for your unique manufacturing environment.
  • Reliable: KC Robotics is an RIA Certified Robotic Integrator, and partner with industry-leading robotic manufacturers, including Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA Robotics, and ABB Robotics. We understand industry best practices in risk assessments, quality, safety, engineering and programming, and we will meet your goals for productivity and profitability.  We believe the relationship is more important than the sale, so we provide parts, preventive maintenance, on-site repairs, training and after-support to ensure the operation runs to your satisfaction.
  • Productivity: By the time our EZ-Load System is installed in your facility, it has been tested to ensure it meets your requirements. You will have an opportunity to test the system before installation to provide feedback and request adjustments so you can begin production immediately after installation. We provide full training and a one-year warranty. If there is a problem, our after-support will be there to work with you to find a solution.
  • Employee Satisfaction: It’s a sad reality that when skilled labor is scarce, so are opportunities for employee advancement, because those employees are needed in their current roles. A robotic machine tending system can open opportunities for your valued employees to learn new skills and open new avenues for advancement. Workers can learn to operate multiple machines, leaving time for training and skills upgrade.
  • Safety: Do any of your production processes present risk or safety challenges to your employees? A robotic machine tending system can operate in environments or conduct processes that are hazardous or dangerous for humans to complete. An important part of the design process is the complete health and safety risk assessment to determine the challenges, safety issues, the process, the desired end results, quality control measures and unique operating requirements that your factory set-up presents. 

We have three variations of our pre-engineered, EZ-Load robotic machine tending systems to meet your needs.

EZ-Load C

Ideally suited for smaller operations, the Yaskawa HC10 Collaborative Robot can handle parts up to 4lbs and features dual grippers for faster load and unload.

EZ-Load 1

The Yaskawa GP 12 Robot also features dual grippers and can handle parts up to 6 lbs and and features dual grippers for faster load and unload.

EZ-Load 2

Yaskawa GP25 Robot can handle parts up to 9lbs and features dual grippers for faster load and unload.

All of our models can be installed singly or in a formation, and other part options include a part regrip station, Vision Quality Control Check, Quick Change Gripper modules and Part Nests for additional size ranges.

Pricing Starting at $99,500

Contact us today to book an appointment to discuss how you can increase production, employee satisfaction and profit by incorporating a machine tending robot system from KC Robotics into your production facility.

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Aluminum Arc Welding

Aluminum Arc Welding Case Study

Project Challenges

  • Provide a flexible robotic welding system to automate welding of new designs of fence posts and gates.
  • Provide a complete turnkey robotic welding system that is able to accommodate xx variations of parts with minimal tooling change over.
  • Large awkward parts consist of .250” aluminum welded to .060” aluminum tube and .020” wall tube welded to .125” aluminum extrusions.
  • Each gate requires up to 28 individual welds.
  • Improve productivity and shorten lead time
  • Reduce dependency on offshore suppliers
  • Make aesthetically pleasing welds on the outside of the fence post and foot that do not need to be ground down prior to painting.
  • Outside surface condition and visual condition from the weld joint on the inside mounting plate is critical.

KC Robotics Solution

KC Robotics provided a pre-engineered welding system, KCR Systems 300 cell including:

  • KUKA KR16 L6 Robot, an extended reach robot with controller and base riser
  • (2) 500kg headstock / tailstock positioners
  • Fronius TPS GMAW digital welding power supply, integrated welding package with 500A
  • bulk wire feeding system
  • Automatic wire cutter and torch reamer
  • (2) operator station (one per welding station). Functions: Cycle Start, Emergency Stop, Hold, Alarm Reset
  • System Safety Package, including Safety fencing, light curtains, safety interlocked access gates. Meets ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 standard.

Fixtures / Tooling Details

KC robotics provided manually operated welding fixtures for the fence post welding operation that is able to accommodate 5 posts per cycle.

KC Robotics provided a welding fixture that combined both manual and automatic clamping for the gates. The fixture was designed and built for a quick changeover to 3 different styles and 4 sizes within those styles.

Project Results

  • The robot system meets or exceeds all the project goals. It allows the customer to build the parts needed for the product launch in house in one shift and have the additional capacity for future growth.
  • The system requires 1 operator vs 4-6 skilled welders.
  • Flexible system accommodates several models and allows large and small batch runs with easy changeover.

KC Robotics’ Jack Justice to Speak at RIA Webinar – Robotic Welding Tools, Tricks, Accessories and End of Arm Tools

Join KC Robotics’ Jack Justice as he is a panelist for Thursday’s RIA Welding Webinar. Jack has a broad range of experience in robotics and welding. With over 38 years’ experience in the automation industry, Jack has held positions in welding, systems engineering, sales and project management.

Hear Jack’s ideas on robotic welding

Jack joined KC Robotics in 2014 as General Manager. Jack’s knowledge of robotics and his contacts in the robotics industry have been instrumental in advancing KC Robotics’ Systems Integration division. Under Jack’s leadership, the company has established a professional project management and engineering department, increased sales of integrated systems, and developed relationships with OEM’s.

Robotic Welding Tools, Tricks, Accessories and End of Arm Tools


Date & Time: June 22, 2017, Noon – 1 PM ET

Welding robots are one of the most heavily used robots found in factories. We check in with industry experts to find out what’s changed and the latest and greatest trends in EOATs to push robot efficiency and effectiveness.

Register for this webinar to watch it on or after June 22.


KC Robotics introduces Ultrasonic Trimming with advanced robotic cutting and trimming technology.  KC Robotics’ Ultrasonic Trimming Cells will include a high-speed Yaskawa Motoman robot, fully integrated with NSK’s ultrasonic cutting tool and milling head.

NSK Unique Technology

  • Cutting tool features a HSS carbide blade vibrating at 40 kHz
  • 7th axis tool
  • control ball
  • navigation tool
  • specialty blade profiles
  • long ultrasonic blades
  • blade sharpening station
  • Compliance blace shape

Ultrasonic Robotic Trimming & Cutting Applications

Ultrasonic cutting offers a unique, environmentally-friendly replacement of waterjet and laser cutting for non-metallic materials, including plastics, foam, carpet, rubber, fiberglass and non-woven fabrics. The technology is ideal for low pressure mold processing, instrument panels and post-process molded part trimming.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Trimming 

  • Enhanced precision – improved trim quality
  • High Speed cutting
  • Cutting forces reduced by about 75%
  • Productivity of cutting process improvement
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Small footprint
  • Lean operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean and Eco-Friendly


KC Robotics will introduce the Ready-Trim Eco Cell at AUTOMATE 2017 in Chicago, April 3-6. The booth will feature both traditional routing and ultrasonic cutting & trimming. In one cell, a Yaskawa Motoman MH50 II – DX200 Robot and Controller will demonstrate traditional routing on ATV parts. In a separate cell, a Yaskawa Motoman MH24 – DX200 Robot and Controller utilizing NSK technology will provide live ultrsonic cutting and trimming on an assortment of materials.