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Five Reasons Right Now is the Perfect Time to Automate

When you’re trying to figure out if it’s time to make the leap and include robotics in your manufacturing strategy, it can be easy to let cost and complexity outweigh the advantages of using robots.

This makes sense. There’s a lot of information out there—and robotics can seem like a daunting concept. It may feel like investing in automation is a nice idea, but one that you’ll get around to later.

Take it from a robotics integrator: Automation can be much more accessible than you think—and right now is actually a perfect time to learn more about your options and experience the true benefits of robotic process automation. 

Wondering what we mean? 

Let’s discuss five advantages of using robots that prove our point: Automation can (and, possibly, should) be your next business investment.

  1. 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic disrupted manufacturing processes across many industries. Everyone experienced that. Now, manufacturers across industries are working hard to get back to business. Competition may be fierce, as each company pursues a different strategy to avoid getting left behind. Investing in automation could help your company be more efficient, more safe, and more productive as we all move forward
  1. There are significant labor shortage issues in manufacturing—which means that assuming a manufacturing model based primarily on human labor will soon cease to be a viable strategy. In the near future, automation could be the only way to increase your company’s output without increasing human labor and its associated costs. 
  1. If we learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s that we live in a global economy. World events, health concerns, and other universal trends can have unexpected effects on factories worldwide. Without much warning, entire facilities can shut down, essential employees can require emergency sick leave, and sudden health mandates can make manufacturing best practices impossible to implement. If you’ve implemented a robotics strategy, you’ll be able to keep production on schedule, regardless of otherwise-debilitating events
  1. It’s never a bad time to protect your employees. As employees around the world return to work, right now is the perfect time to let them know that you’re choosing innovative strategies to minimize employee exposure to hazardous environments or manufacturing processes. Automation can do precisely that. (It can also help protect you and your company from the adverse effects of the labor shortage, because your protected, happy employees will want to stay at your company.) 
  1. You’ll see the benefits of robotic process automation rapidly. The return on investment of a robotic system averages between 12 and 18 months. (We’ve seen customers enjoy an ROI in as little as one month!) Even if your ROI is delayed, there are instant, added benefits of robotic process automation—including lower labor and employee turnover costs, quality and consistency of your processes and products, and overall improved productivity. 

All in all, it’s clear that now’s the time to reach out and learn more about what your experience implementing robotics would be like. Which of these advantages of using robots would you like to see in your facilities? 

At KC Robotics, we’re proud to be a robotics integrator— which means it’s our job to solve your manufacturing problems with technology and automation and work with you to optimize the robotic process until you’re satisfied. Give us a call to speak with a Robot Industry Association certified integrator today!