Vision guided robotics

Vision guided automated systems provide an option for manufacturers who need a sorting, feeding, inspection, detection, or quality control application.

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Is Vision the right solution for your robotic system?

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Process Knowledge

Cameras for pick, place and grip correction applications
Location and sorting inspections, quality inspections and character recognition
Integrated Robot Vision
Auto-calibration of images into robot coordinates
2D and 3D robot vision systems

Is Vision always the answer?

Despite the many advantages of vision, every automation challenge cannot be solved by Vision guided robotics. We evaluate your needs and the options available for your application. If Vision is the answer, KC Robotics has vision systems for all our robot manufacturers.

ROI for Vision guided robotics

The cost of vision technology is decreasing, making it more accessible to manufacturers. KC Robotics calculates ROI on all our systems, including Vision guidance. For many manufacturers, the quality and speed provided by vision guidance more than covers the cost.


Benefits of Vision guided robotics

Our vision systems are custom designed for each installation to insure the customer receives the benefits of Vision guided robotics needed for their application.


Quality & Speed

Vision inspection helps with quality control and increases accuracy welding and material removal applications. It also helps with a simplified assembly line to allow for higher production speed.


Vision guided robotics provide an affordable solution to reduce costs associated with fixtures and add flexibility and productivity.


A huge benefit to vision inspection is that it helps to reduce employee injury claims.