Robotic Welding Systems

KC Robotics provides complete welding systems, from design to install, and ongoing customer support.

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Higher speed, lower cost, and better quality welds

Advancements in welding technology and reduced equipment costs have made robotic welding affordable to a large range of manufacturers. KC Robotics offers robotic welding systems to fit nearly every need. From design to implementation, including custom tooling, safety and risk assessments, we help you produce more and worry less.

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Why choose KC Robotics?

KC Robotics creates welding systems for aluminum, steel and exotic alloy processes.

Process Knowledge

  • Experienced robotic welders
  • Vision guided arc welding
  • GTAW, PAW, GMAW, SAW, Mig and Tig welding options
  • Aluminum, stainless steel and exotic alloy welding expertise
  • Multi-robot and custom-built systems
  • Pre-engineered robot welding cells


  • Custom tooling
  • Easy to load tooling
  • Wear resistant materials
  • Flexible Fixtures
  • 3-D CAD / CAM tool design & build

ROI for Robot welding

  • Provide systems that deliver return on investment
  • Proven Designs
  • Utilize latest welding technology
  • Work with customer to process each job for high optimization of resources
  • Prove viability of each project during Engineering Design

Benefits of robotic arc welding

We partner with you to design and create a robotic welding system that enhances your production line and improves the working environment in your facility. After the sale, our service and support keeps you running with qualified service personnel and spare robot parts.


Quality & Speed

High quality consistent welds, and higher production speed.


Reduced scrap rates and lower operations cost. ROI is proven during engineering design.


Risk assessment and documentation included. Reduce employee injury claims. Improve employee satisfaction.

Welding Services

Additional welding systems
to fit your needs

Robotic welding workcells

Pre-Engineered cells from KC Robotics provide an economic solution for standard welding operations. Each cell contains a selection of standard components, pre-assembled for customers looking for a robotic ready-to-use system. Each system meets RIA/ANSI standards.

Robotic Weld Inspection

Weld inspection cells from KC Robotics provide quality assurance for safety critical weld assembly like automotive seats. A vision-based weld inspection system can be used for line inspection of welded parts and will reject parts that do not meet the defined acceptance criteria.

Robotic Welding in Action


Case Study: Aluminum Arc Welding

A company producing aluminum fencing asked KC Robotics to provide a turnkey robotic welding system that would accommodate variations of parts with minimal tooling change-over.

Case Study: Oversized Weldments

A manufacturer of large welded dump truck components needed to comply with their customers request to control the welding sequence, meet scheduled delivery dates, and ensure that weld size and quality is consistent from part to part.

Case Study: Additive Manufacturing

A company that repairs and rebuilds aerospace components needed a more efficient way to apply filler metal to multi pass welds for rebuilding worn surfaces on jet engine parts.