Robotic Assembly Solutions

KC Robotics builds robotic assembly solutions for simple and complex manufacturing. We help you produce more and worry less.

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Increase production speed and product consistency

KC Robotics will show you the benefits of automation for your assembly process. We partner with your team to design, engineer and build a solution that enhances your production line and improves the quality and consistency of the assembled product. A well-designed assembly system will remove labor from tedious jobs, allow for shorter product cycles, use floorspace more efficiently, achieve higher throughput, and gain flexibility in your process and products.

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Why Choose KC Robotics?

Our straight-forward plan will help your company get on the right track to success.

Process Knowledge

  • Vision detection for product assembly evaluation and validation
  • Specialized sensing of component location and placement
  • Specialized component bowl feeders of assembly fasteners
  • Automated fastener drivers to install and with torque and angle validation
  • Label print and apply stations with validation
  • Force and displacement sensors
  • Experience with complex assembly systems


  • Customized EOAT for unique product handling
  • Quick-Change Tool Changers for automated gripper or device changeout
  • Custom robotic Grippers
  • Detailed precision component Fixturing
  • Part and Tooling locators to position and orient components for automated assembly
  • Pneumatically actuated clamps


  • Provide solutions that deliver quick return on investment
  • Utilize latest technology
  • Work with customer to process each job for high optimization of resources
  • Prove viability of project during Engineering Design
  • Solve shortage of skilled labor
  • Process each job for high optimization of resources

Benefits of Robotic Assembly

Robotic assembly systems provide the speed and precision you require without sacrificing quality and accuracy. Robotic automation offers a viable alternative to offshoring without the constraints of recruiting in a tight labor market.


Quality and Speed

The reliability and repeatability of robotics increases throughput, speed, and efficiency. Quick change tooling and locators allow quick changeover. Your robotic assembly operation will increase manufacturing accuracy and produce higher quality products.


An automated assembly system will reduce labor costs and employee injuries. The accuracy of robotics increases the number of products passing quality control and the amount of time spent on Quality testing. Talk to us about the Return on Investment you'll see on a robotic assembly system from KC Robotics.


An automated assembly system will reduce injuries and ergonomic issues that plague assembly line workers. With perimeter guarding, light curtains or area scanners, your employees will be safe from the movement of the robot. Every system from KC Robotics includes a Risk Assessment & Documentation.