CNC Machine Tending Robots

KC Robotics offers complete robotic CNC loading and tending systems. A straight-forward plan from CNC system integrators will help your company get on the right track to success.

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Maximize productivity, minimize injuries

Automate loading and unloading of CNC machine tools with a CNC machine tending robot.

We partner with you to design and build systems that improve productivity, reduce labor injuries, and improve the safety of your employees. At KC Robotics we utilize the knowledge and experience gained from 30 years in the robotics industry to create robotic systems that help you produce more and worry less.

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Why Choose KC Robotics?

Our expertise in robotic CNC machine tending makes us a great fit to design and build your next system.

Process Knowledge

Proven designs
Machine tending lathes
Machine tending CNC machines
Pre-engineered systems


Design and Build grippers, EOAT in-house
Custom Fixturing & Gauging


Provide solutions that deliver return on investment
Prove system viability during Engineering Design
Optimization of customer resources
Lower operations costs
Better quality control
Employee safety improvement


Benefits of a Robotic CNC System Integrator

Finding qualified skilled labor for your CNC Machining operation is more difficult than ever. A robotic machine tool tending system can help maximize machine utilization and lower costs. Most importantly, a robotic machine tending system from KC Robotics will help you realize the Return on Investment (ROI) you need to succeed.


Quality & Speed

Improve throughput & manufacturing flexibility
Increase system uptime
Improve product quality


Reduce operation costs
Maximize equipment ROI



Risk Assessment & documentation included
Reduce repetitive motion injuries
Reduce employee injury claims
Improve employee satisfaction