Robotic Solutions for the Automotive Industry

KC Robotics creates robotic assembly, welding, cutting and material handling systems for the automotive industry. Let us help you automate your operation.

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Produce more, worry less

We design robotic systems to solve your production challenges

The automotive industry was the first to see the advantages of automation. It’s all about producing faster, better, and for less. Our experienced engineers can build a new robotic system or reintegrate your existing robots. We prove out the viability of each project before we begin and offer ongoing support after completion.

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Why Choose KC Robotics?

KC Robotics has the expertise to maximize your production and ROI

Process Knowledge

  • Arc welding
  • Assembly
  • Material removal
  • Material handling
  • Vision
  • Mobile robots
  • Simulation & offline programming
  • Proven designs
  • Custom fixturing and tooling


  • Prove system viability during Engineering Design
  • High optimization of customer resources
  • Lower operations costs
  • Better quality control
  • Employee safety improvement

Tooling (EOAT)

End of arm tooling gives your system functionality. KC Robotics understands the functional requirements of the tool and guide tool maker on design, payload, moment of inertia, and process requirements.

KC Robotics offers complete welding robotic integrators solutions for aluminum, steel and alloy processes.

Automotive Welding Solutions

KC Robotics offers complete welding solutions for aluminum, steel and alloy processes. From design to implementation, including custom tooling, safety and risk assessments, we help you produce more and worry less.

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Yaskawa Vision Vision Guided automotive manufacturing robot.

Vision Guided Robotics

Our expertise in robotic vision makes us a perfect match for the automotive industry. Vision increases accuracy and flexibility as well as providing inspection of parts.

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