Robotic Solutions for Consumer Products Manufacturing

Let KC Robotics show you the benefits of flexible robotic solutions for greater efficiency and productivity.

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More production
Fewer worries

Are you looking for higher production speed and lower operations cost?

KC Robotics can improve the profitability of your production chain with consumer products manufacturing robotics for assembly, material handling, electronics testing and press tending. We are committed to making your manufacturing process more efficient, producing higher quality products and with fewer worries.

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Integration of consumer products manufacturing robotics, like this one from Kuka, can help improve efficiency.

Manage your risks with safe, proven robotics solutions

We understand the uncertainty and risk that comes with adopting new automation, which is why we prove out the viability of each project before we begin.

Talk to a certified integrator
Why KC Robotics?

RIA Certified Integrator - Over 30 years' robotics experience - Knowledgeable engineers


  • SolidWorks Design
  • Robotic Simulation
  • Offline programming
  • End of Arm Tool Design
  • System Design
  • Integration
  • Controls
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa Robots
  • Robotic Safety Solutions
  • Robotic Programming
  • System Runoff

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Provide solutions that deliver return on investment
  • Prove system viability during Engineering Design
  • High optimization of customer resources
  • Lower operations costs
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Better quality control
  • Employee safety improvement
  • Fewer employee injury claims
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Utilize latest technology


  • Custom tooling designs
  • Flexible fixtures
  • 3-D CAD CAM tool design & build
  • Proven designs
  • Easy to load tooling
  • Wear-resistant materials