Robotic Material Handling Systems

KC Robotics provides complete robotic material handling systems, including parts transfer and pick and place robots, as well as automated machine tending.

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We design and build each robotic material handling system to meet your specific needs.


  • Parts Transfer
  • Pick & Place Robots
  • Packing & palatalizing
  • CNC Machining Tool Tending
  • Injection Mold Machine Tending
  • Blow Mold Machine Tending
  • In-Mold Labeling
  • Press Tending


  • SolidWorks Design
  • Robotic Simulation
  • End of Arm Tool Design
  • System Design
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa Robots
  • Safety
  • Robotic Programming

Manufacturing Process Development

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Virtual Twin System Simulations
  • Product Transformation Planning
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • OEE Data Reporting

Benefits of robotic material handling

Realize your Return-On-Investment (ROI) when you implement a robotic material handling system from KC Robotics. We partner with you to design and build a solution that improves productivity, reduces direct labor issues, and increases the safety and well-being of your employees.


Quality & Speed

Increase throughput. Extend operating times. Better quality control.



Maximize ROI. Lower operations costs. Improve productivity.



Risk assessment & documentation included. Reduce repetitive motion injuries. Fewer workers comp claims.

Machine Tending Systems

CNC Machine Tending

Injection Mold Machine Tending

Case Study: Material Handling with Vision

Material Handling, Vision Case Study

Company needs a fully automated robotic system using two cameras to find computer chips and then verify the chip location in the gripper. The gripper then must place the chip in a testing unit and then in the proper bin.…

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