Robotic Solutions for Plastics & Composites Industries

KC Robotics offers a variety of robotic solutions for companies in the plastics and composites industry to help give you an edge in your highly competitive market.

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Why choose KC Robotics?

Our experience and designs for the plastics and composites industry will help you reach your production goals faster. We understand the uncertainty and risk that comes with adopting new automation, which is why we prove out the viability of each project before we begin. You’ll find benefits in production flexibility and speed, product quality and lower operations costs with plastics & composites robotics integration.

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Plastics & Composites Systems

Process Knowledge

  • Expertise in assembly, machine tending, material handling & material removal
  • Multiple robot manufacturer knowledge
  • Proven Designs
  • Robot safety resources
  • RIA Certified Integrator


  • Custom tooling designs
  • Flexible fixtures
  • 3-D CAD CAM tool design & build

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Lower operations costs
  • Better quality control
  • Greater productivity and flexibility
  • Consistent high-quality parts