Robotic Welding Inspection

Integrate a quality assurance process for safety-critical welds with a weld inspection robot from KC Robotics.

Reliable error detection

Reduce costs of time-consuming manual inspection and rework.

Even the best robotic welding system must deal with variables common in manufacturing plants. An inspection system can help quantify the variation and monitor ongoing quality. KC Robotics uses Vitronic vision in our robotic welding inspection systems. We have proven its reliability in the safety-critical auto seat assembly industry.

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Why KC Robotics

Let KC Robotics show you the benefits of a robotic weld seam inspection system.

Benefits of Vitronic Vision

• Reliable error detection by proven technology, successfully installed in numerous inspection systems for MIG/MAG welding.
• Extremely robust and easily maintainable HDR-sensor with very high dynamic and depth of field optimized for highest accessibility to the part and the weld seam.
• Compact cabinet with touch display for space saving installation.
• Simple and fast parameterization with new VIRO wsi user concept.
• Optimization of the production process by database-supported analysis.


• Cost reduction through minimization of time-consuming manual inspection and rework.
• Employees can be redirected to more valuable posts than watching for bad welds.

Engineering Expertise

SolidWorks Design
Robotic Simulation
System Design
HMI (Human Machine Interface)
FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa Robots
Robotic Programming
System Runoff

Case Study: Aluminum Arc Welding

Aluminum Arc Welding Case Study

A company producing aluminum fencing asked KC Robotics to provide a turnkey robotic welding system to automate their new designs of fence posts and gates. The system must provide flexible tool changers to accommodate various parts. Project Challenges Provide a…

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