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Automation and Jobs

“Imagine Amazon on Steroids”

I recently read John Slater’s post at – Is Industry 4.0 the New DotCom Boom?  “Imagine Amazon on Steroids” are his words. John is describing a new world in the not so distant future where digital automation will transform the global economy and create better jobs and better lives. Throughout the article, John describes how advances in technology have never hurt the US economy. With each new breakthrough, from personal computers and microprocessors to the internet and robotics, our economy has boomed with new business and new products. Some sectors of the economy are always left behind. He warns that we must learn to adapt to the new reality or be one of those left in the dust.

John Slater believes automation will be the next area for capital investment:

The stage is set.  Interest is building.  The world of automation is ripe for a spark to catch the imagination of the financial community, like the 1995 Netscape IPO which marked the start of the Dotcom boom.  Soon we will witness a major capital investment boom that transforms the economy in ways we cannot yet foresee.

For those of us in the business of automation, we already see the growth and innovation that will spur this investment. We understand that automation in any form is a natural evolution of technology. For 50 years, industrial robotic automation has changed our factories and our lives. Because of robotics, working conditions are safer, products are more affordable, and the number of “sweat shops” has been reduced. I look to the next ten years to bring major changes to our business. At KC Robotics, we are setting the groundwork now, for we have no intention of being left behind in the dust.