KC Robotics EZ-Load: a straightforward solution to a complex problem

Are you having trouble finding qualified skilled labor for your CNC operation? You’re not alone. A report by Gallup in June 2018 found that 45% of employers reported an inability to find the workers they need to run their operations, and the problem is global.

If your operation is low volume and high mix, much of your production time is lost stopping and swapping out the components. Imagine if your employees could tend multiple machines simultaneously, increase production and profit and improve your safety and quality control measures, while providing opportunities for employee skills training and advancement? The KC Robotics EZ-Load line of pre-engineered machine tending robotics systems are designed for small and medium manufacturers looking to gain productivity to their operation .

Key Benefits

  • Simple: We designed our EZ-Load Systems to provide a straightforward, affordable solution with flexible options to meet any CNC machine operation. Step by step setup and an easy to understand interface means you can start manufacturing parts right away after installation.
  • Compact: With an overall height of just 115” (2.9 metres) and maximum floor space of 70”x115” (1.8 metres x 2.9 metres), in most cases the EZ-Load System can be installed without the need for costly and time-consuming renovations.
  • Flexible: We work with you from concept to completion, with detailed communication and guidance from our engineers and project managers. Whether you are looking at a single machine or a full production line, we can several pre-engineered systems or create a custom solution for your unique manufacturing environment.
  • Reliable: KC Robotics is an RIA Certified Robotic Integrator, and partner with industry-leading robotic manufacturers, including Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA Robotics, and ABB Robotics. We understand industry best practices in risk assessments, quality, safety, engineering and programming, and we will meet your goals for productivity and profitability.  We believe the relationship is more important than the sale, so we provide parts, preventive maintenance, on-site repairs, training and after-support to ensure the operation runs to your satisfaction.
  • Productivity: By the time our EZ-Load System is installed in your facility, it has been tested to ensure it meets your requirements. You will have an opportunity to test the system before installation to provide feedback and request adjustments so you can begin production immediately after installation. We provide full training and a one-year warranty. If there is a problem, our after-support will be there to work with you to find a solution.
  • Employee Satisfaction: It’s a sad reality that when skilled labor is scarce, so are opportunities for employee advancement, because those employees are needed in their current roles. A robotic machine tending system can open opportunities for your valued employees to learn new skills and open new avenues for advancement. Workers can learn to operate multiple machines, leaving time for training and skills upgrade.
  • Safety: Do any of your production processes present risk or safety challenges to your employees? A robotic machine tending system can operate in environments or conduct processes that are hazardous or dangerous for humans to complete. An important part of the design process is the complete health and safety risk assessment to determine the challenges, safety issues, the process, the desired end results, quality control measures and unique operating requirements that your factory set-up presents. 

We have three variations of our pre-engineered, EZ-Load robotic machine tending systems to meet your needs.

EZ-Load C

Ideally suited for smaller operations, the Yaskawa HC10 Collaborative Robot can handle parts up to 4lbs and features dual grippers for faster load and unload.

EZ-Load 1

The Yaskawa GP 12 Robot also features dual grippers and can handle parts up to 6 lbs and and features dual grippers for faster load and unload.

EZ-Load 2

Yaskawa GP25 Robot can handle parts up to 9lbs and features dual grippers for faster load and unload.

All of our models can be installed singly or in a formation, and other part options include a part regrip station, Vision Quality Control Check, Quick Change Gripper modules and Part Nests for additional size ranges.

Pricing Starting at $99,500

Contact us today to book an appointment to discuss how you can increase production, employee satisfaction and profit by incorporating a machine tending robot system from KC Robotics into your production facility.

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Automate 2019 Preview


KC Robotics – Featured Automate 2019 Integrator: Robotics.org e-newsletter

KC Robotics Inc., booth 7711 at Automate 2019, will introduce the Redline EZ-Load system, a user-friendly, compact, robust and economical machine tending solution aimed at helping manufacturers address the skilled worker shortage. At the heart of the machine tending system is KC Robotics’ intuitive user interface and Yaskawa’s collaborative robot technology. 

Automate Mat

In addition to the EZ-Load system, KC Robotics will showcase their robotic welding expertise and demonstrate a material removal system developed in partnership with 3M Corporation and Pushcorp.

KC Robotics’ expertise and experience in routing, grinding, cutting, polishing and deburring robotic processes makes them an ideal partner for material removal solutions. https://kcrobotics.com/applications/material-removal/

From material removal and cutting, to arc welding and machine tending, Automate provides a great opportunity to discover how KC Robotics leverages their expertise to find industrial application solutions ranging from fully automated to collaborative. Learn how robotic automation can improve your profitability, enhance your production line and create a safer environment for employees. Visit Automate 2019 at Chicago’s McCormick Center April 8-12. For more information on the show or featured integration processes, contact KC Robotics by calling 513-860-4442 or through via the website. https://kcrobotics.com/contact/

KC Robotics Achieves Robot Integrator Certification from Robotics Industry Association (RIA)

KC Robotics, Inc. has achieved the prestigious Certified Robot Integrator status with the RIA. To become certified, integrators go through a rigorous process including an on-site audit and hands-on testing of key technical personnel. Robot integrators who are certified by the RIA are recognized in the industry as part of an elite group of accomplished, trustworthy professionals.

“We are very excited to achieve RIA Certified Integrator status.  This certification not only helps validate our business systems and continuous improvement processes, but showcases the capabilities of the strong team we’ve put together”, says Crystal Vezey, KC Robotics’ Business Manager.

Jack Justice, General Manager, added, “At KC Robotics, we are committed to improving customers’ profitability and productivity by providing the highest quality automated systems. We do this with extensive employee training and creative problem solving. This certification is proof of the company’s commitment to our customers and employees. We are delighted to join this select group of certified integrators, as there are only 28 worldwide.”

“The RIA Certification is a major accomplishment for KC Robotics” says Paul Carrier, Operations Manager. “We set goals five years ago to improve company culture, employee expertise, customer service and communication. This certification is the culmination of our efforts. We are so proud of our employees! Their buy-in to each objective is what made this work.” The RIA certification is on the heels of unprecedented growth. KC Robotics’ current year sales are on track to increase 30% over 2017.

Sycamore Aves Robotic Team Visits KC Robotics

We are Aves Ablaze!

KC Robotics was ablaze with Sycamore High School students on October 9th when the Sycamore Aves Robotics Team visited our facility to see robotics systems in progress and learn more about the industry and job opportunities. After an interactive tour, the team demonstrated their new robot developed for the First Tech Challenge. KC Robotics’ engineers and technicians offered solutions to some of the issues the team experienced with their first prototype.
As the students left, Jack Justice, General Manager of KC Robotics, said, “It’s always fun to have the Sycamore team visit. Every year, I’m impressed by their knowledge of robotics and intelligent questions.” The Sycamore Aves Robotics Team was founded in 2016. They are a student lead club that designs, builds, and programs their robot for team competitions. For donations or more information, visit http://sycamorerobotics.weebly.com/aves-ablaze.html
KC Robotics supports student groups such as the Sycamore Robotics team to encourage young people to pursue interests in engineering, science and robotics. https://kcrobotics.com

Sycamore Aves Robotics Team

Solving the Skilled Worker Shortage


  • For the first time in modern history there are more job openings than there are eligible workers to fill them
  • Skilled labor shortages are critical
  • Education and Automation are the best solutions for manufacturers and industry
  • Higher wages and image must be addressed


Manufacturers worldwide are having a difficult time finding and retaining skilled workers. According to the latest Gallup Manpower “Talent Shortage Survey” 44% of employers across the globe report they cannot find the skills they need.

In the United States, the BLS reported that in April 2018 there were 6.7 million job openings and in May 2018 there were just over 6 million people the BLS classified as unemployed. The shortage is reaching a critical point. If the trend continues, job openings will eclipse the labor pool for the first time. This trend will only get worse as the “baby boomers” continue to retire at a pace faster than subsequent generations can fill them. Based on a study by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, Forbes reported in 2017 that 22% of skilled manufacturing workers, or 2.7 million employees, are retiring over the next decade.

Education and Automation will be the best solutions for manufacturers and industry. The solution for most manufacturers will be education and automation. A good public relations plan and higher wages would also be helpful.

Education: Although many school districts and technical colleges throughout the country offer good programs in manufacturing, welding and robotics, they are not equipped to train the number of skilled workers needed. To overcome this obstacle, some companies have begun in-house training for their own unskilled workers to develop them into higher skilled employees. Others offer apprenticeships and technical college education for new hires.

Automation: Increased automation and robotics in manufacturing solves several problems: It decreases the number of skilled and unskilled workers needed, and it creates safer, cleaner and more efficient manufacturing environments.

Wages: With the economy growing and the number of workers decreasing, higher wages are inevitable (and a reality for many companies already).

Image: The image of dirty and non-progressive manufacturing work place hurts recruitment of qualified skilled labor. Manufacturing has become much more technical, many factories are clean and high-tech, and jobs are more interesting than in the past. The manufacturing environment is increasingly automated. The workforce of the future will need to be better trained and educated than past generations.

Facing the skilled worker shortage means creative problem solving and embracing and implementing the solutions discussed above. The key to our continued success will be a combination of automation of our manufacturing processes and educating our workforce to utilize the technology to its fullest. The companies that can accomplish this will be the winners in the next industrial revolution.







My Daddy’s Robots Are Orange!

Last Friday, I received an email from KUKA – celebrating 120 years of providing innovative ideas and solutions for manufacturing processes. The feature picture (see below) says, “Thinking Orange”. It reminded me of a story I heard from Jerry Schrott, Applications Engineer at KC Robotics.

Mallory & Jerry Schrott

When five-year-old Mallory Schrott colored a robot picture at her preschool class, her classmates told her she colored it the wrong color. Mallory, whose father is an Applications Engineer and Project Manager at KC Robotics, colored her robot ORANGE. The other preschoolers colored their robots grey and black. Mallory quickly retorted to her classmates, “My daddy’s robots are orange!” And indeed they are! Many of the robots that Jerry Schrott programs and integrates for KC Robotics’ customers are KUKA Orange. Mallory has visited our office many times and take great interest in the robots. And she knows her colors!

KC Robotics is proud to be a KUKA System Partner. Our experience integrating and installing KUKA robots spans various industries and applications, including Plastic cutting, Palletizing, welding, and specialized applications for defense research.

For more information about KC Robotics’ integration services, call or email us. (513) 860-4442 or contact@kcrobotics.com

KUKA Robotics

What is a Robotic Integrator and why do I need one?

Robot Integrators customize the robot to fit the needs of the end user’s application. The Robot Manufacturers do not usually do this because they do not have the staff or resources to handle the needs of all end users. Integrators fill this gap with specialized design, engineering and programming resources.

A good integrator is a process specialist and is trained and supported by their robot manufacturer partner. They will help to define the problem or need in the end user’s process, find a solution, build it and test it. They will then integrate the robotic solution into the customer’s manufacturing processes and provide training to make sure that the end user can operate and maintain the system properly and successfully.   

What to look for in a robotic integrator – The 5 C’s


Robot System integrators are not experts in every application. They will specialize in a select few. Most applications are very process intensive and selecting an integrator with a skillset that matches your application is key. You may want to think twice about selecting an integrator that specializes in material handling to do a welding application. Look for an integrator that has a track record of successful applications similar to yours. If your system requires custom tooling, find an integrator with experience in the type of tooling you need. The End of Arm Tooling gives your system functionality. A good integrator will understand the functional requirements of the tool and guide the tool-maker on design, payload, moment of inertia, and process requirements.


Consider the concept of the system closely. You want to make sure that the process is balanced and that you are not solving one issue by creating another. How is the integrator utilizing the features and technology within the system? Are you able to shrink the footprint of the cell or take advantage of a collaborative application by utilizing Functional Safety? Is the integrator rehashing something that was done once 20 years ago without taking advantage of today’s technology? A good integrator is a creative problem solver.


Make sure the true cost of your robotic system is clear in the proposal. Find out what the actual deliverables are so you can compare proposals more effectively. Understand the payment terms for the system. An integrator might charge 30% down with the order and then a milestone payment when the system engineering is approved. And then other payments along the way. Discuss how the integrator handles engineering change orders.


Lead times to delivery fluctuate. Can the integrator deliver your system within the timeframe you are looking for?


In 2012 the RIA rolled out a Certified Robot Integrator Program in response to the needs of the industry. It is a benchmark for evaluating technical and robot safety as well as the overall business practices of integrators. The certification involves a rigorous process that includes an onsite audit, practical assessment of key personnel, safety training, etc. As your integrators if they are certified or working toward certification.

Also contact the robot manufacturer and ask if the integrator is part of their certified partner program and in good standing with the robot manufacturer.

Leo Liske Joins KC Robotics, Inc. as Systems Group Manager

Leo Liske Joins KC Robotics, Inc. as Systems Group Manager

Press Release: 07/11/18

West Chester, OH – KC Robotics, Inc. is pleased to welcome Leo Liske to the company as Systems & Service Manager. He will report to Jack Justice, General Manager. Jack says, “We are very lucky to bring Leo on board. His experience, work ethic and management style fit right into the company’s culture and goals.”

With over 28 years of experience in design, programming, installation, training, and sales of robotic equipment, Leo is well-recognized in the robotic automation industry. He has experience in multiple robot brands and a strong background in robotic welding.

He comes to KC Robotics from KUKA Robotics where he was a Sales Application Engineer since 2008.  Prior to that, he was a Project Engineer for Progressive Systems, a Project Manager for PRI Robotics, and a Robot Technician for Automated Concepts.  In addition, Leo retired as an Engineer Captain from the Army National Guard.

As KC Robotics’ Systems & Service Manager, Leo will be responsible for engineering, design and system build operations, working closely with customers, vendors, and OEM partners, as well as directing a team of engineers and robotic technicians. Leo is anxious to get started: “I am excited to implement new management strategies, empower each employee to reach his/her potential, and inspire teamwork in my department. Our goal will be to achieve the company’s objectives of quality workmanship, on-time delivery and a high level of communication.  This is a great opportunity for me.”

Leo is the fifth new hire at KC Robotics in 2018. His depth of industry knowledge will further strengthen the systems group and support new sales. The company is expecting unprecedented growth over the next three years. Current year sales are on track to increase 30% over 2017.

About KC Robotics:

KC Robotics is a process-driven robotics systems integrator to a wide range of industries, specializing in arc welding, material handling and material removal applications.  As an authorized integrator for KUKA Robotics, Yaskawa Motoman and ABB Robotics, KC Robotics is committed to improving customers’ profitability and productivity through automated solutions. For more information about KC Robotics, visit www.kcrobotics.com.